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Captain Francis X. Popper
has retired effective August 1, 1968, after nearly 29 years service, francis x. popperthe last 2 years as Chief of the New York Field Office of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. His other assignments include 12 years aboard various Coast and Geodetic Survey ships and command of the PATTON and BOWIE.

A 1937 graduate of Armour Institute of Technology (now Illinois Institute of Technology), Captain Popper was appointed to the Coast and Geodetic Survey in November 1939. His first assignments were to sea duty, and he was aboard the EXPLORER, enroute from Hawaii to Midway, when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was transferred to the Army in 1942 and was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star for service in the Pacific before he returned to the Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1946. He was on various geodetic field parties for the next several years, on the Arctic Party for more than 2 years, then aboard Seattle-based ships. He was at Orlando Air Force Base and Patrick Air Force Base as liaison officer from November 1962 until June 1966. Captain Popper has taken a position with the International Boundary Commission in Washington, and will live in the Maryland suburbs.


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