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On March 21, and September 22, 1974, Captain Edwin H. Pagenhart and Captain Clement L. edwin h. pagenhartGarner celebrated their respective 90th birthdays. On January 5, 1975, this year, Captain Pagenhart passed away in Eugene, Oregon.

Captain Pagenhart joined the Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1904 as an aid after attending the University of Minnesota. He had served on the Ship MATCHLESS, and was Commanding Officer of the Ship ROMBLON, operating in the Philippines in 1907 when he was at the ripe age of 23. The following letter in the Pagenhart file is interesting when compared to similar business today: One signed by O.H. Tittman, Superintendent, Coast and Geodetic Survey and dated November 22, 1904, reads as follows:

"The probationary period of Mr. Edwin H. Pagenhart, aid at $720 per annum, will expire November 27th. As Mr. Pagenhart's services have been satisfactory, I have the honor to request that his appointment be made absolute."

This letter was addressed directly to, and replied to favorably by the then Secretary of Commerce and Labor. Captain Pagenhart continued his service through the grades of Assistant by 1907, Hydrographic and Geodetic Engineer by 1917, Lieutenant Commander by 1920, and then retired as a Captain in 1937. His total service of over 36 years included 4 years of recall duty as San Francisco District Officer during World War II. During World War I, Captain Pagenhart was assigned with the Office of the Chief of Engineers, War Department.

Captain Pagenhart served on several ships and field parties throughout the United States and the Philippine Islands; was Director of the Survey in the Philippines; and when he retired in 1937, he had served several years as Chief, Chart Division in the Washington Headquarters. Another letter from the Director, Coast and Geodetic Survey to the Secretary of Commerce laid the groundwork for the Pagenhart retirement. It read:

"Referring to my recommendation dated November 23, 1936, regarding the application of E.H. Pagenhart, hydrographic and geodetic engineer with the relative rank of Captain in the Navy, for retirement, it is requested that the retirement of Captain Pagenhart become effective beginning February 1, 1937, inasmuch as he has 32 days, 2 hours, and 30 minutes of unused leave available at the present time and he desires to use this leave prior to the date on which he begins the inactive status."

The request was granted.

Captain Pagenhart is survived by his wife Jessie, in Eugene, Oregon, a son, Thomas of Castro Valley, California, two daughters, Polly Patton of Eugene and Emily Ann West of Davis, California.

NOAA Corps Bulletin 1975

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.
Last Updated: June 8, 2006 9:27 AM

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