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Thomas McGoines, chief messenger in the office of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, died at his home in Washington, D.C., October 9, 1919, after a lingering illness, in the 50th year of his age.

He was born in Washington November 6, 1869; attended the public schools, and was employed as a laborer in the Treasury Department from October 1, 1892 to April 2, 1894, and again from July 2, 1898 to March 7, 1899. He was appointed a messenger in the Coast and Geodetic Survey by transfer from the Treasury Department April 3, 1894, and served to July 1, 1898. He was reappointed March 8, 1899 and served to the date of his death.

He was appointed Chief Messenger in the Coast and Geodetic Survey office January 3, 1919.

He was a faithful, efficient, and intelligent man, devoted to the performance of his duties, always cheerful and obliging, and his character was such as to win the respect and affection of those with whom he was associated.

C&GS BULLETIN, 10/1919




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