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Edward R. McCarthy

"For outstanding leadership in improving the aeronautical information and aeronautical chart programs."

Mac also came to the Bureau as a deck officer in 1925 having just received his degree in civil engineering from Tufts College. One of his first assignments sent him to the Philippines where he was commissioned an Ensign in the Coast and Geodetic Survey. Subsequent assignments took him into all types of our field work and many parts of the United States as well as Hawaii and Alaska.

In 1942, he along with several other officers, were transferred by Executive Order to the jurisdiction of the War Department where he served with distinction and attained the rank of Colonel. He was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in direct support of combat operations in France and Germany while serving with the 2755 Engineer Boat Regiment in the North African Theatre. He returned to the Coast Survey in January 1947 and was immediately assigned to the Armed Forces Staff College at Norfolk where he completed a 5-month course, and returned to active duty in the Bureau. Serving as Chief, Aeronautical Chart Branch of Chart Division from 1950 to 1954, he sponsored the development of several projects which have resulted in simplification and modification of certain charts and procedures.

At the same time he served as Chairman, ACC/MAP Sub-committee where his energy and devoting to high cartographic standards made a significant contribution toward improvement of aeronautical charts.

At the present time, Commander McCarthy is Acting Chief of the Chart Division and lives in Arlington with his wife and son, Edward Robert McCarthy, Junior.

THE BUZZARD, 2-3/1955




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