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Lieutentant (Junior Grade) George M. Marchand was killed by a railroad train near Oakland, California, December 12, 1939.

Born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, September 29, 1901, the son of Charles S. and Anna I. Marchand, he received his early education at local schools and his Bachelor of Science at the Colorado State College, Fort Collins. He was married to Mildred L. Remington and has two children.

His activities in school were widespread, as was his popularity. This atmosphere followed him into the service of this Bureau, where he was always highly regarded by the many shipmates with whom he had been connected.

Entering the service of this Bureau July 16, 1925, he was on furlough because of injury from August 1926 to September 1928. His field work included service on the Ships BACHE, DISCOVERER, GUIDE, PIONEER, and SURVEYOR engaged on combined operations on the east coast, in Alaska, and on the west coast. At the time of his death he was in charge of the Oakland processing office.

Lieutenant Marchand was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha and the Scabbard and Blade.

The caliber of his work is probably best exemplified by the following tribute paid him by his commanding officer: "Mr. Marchand was a splendid officer and did some very fine work last season in Alaska. His enthusiasm for the work was outstanding, knowing no hours, and the kind of an officer who is a real help to his commanding officer."

His funeral was held in Glendale, California, on December 16, with interment in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.







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