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Captain William Francis Malnate, NOAA (Retired) July 28, 1900 - September 10, 1981. Captain William F. Malnate was born in Quincy, Massachusetts. He attended Northeastern University where he graduated in 1924 with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering.

Following his graduation, he was appointed to the Corps as Deck Officer and then to Ensign in April 1925. His various assignments during his 36-year career included the following ships: SURVEYOR, ISIS, ONWARD, MIKAWEE, GUIDE, to the DERICKSON and EXPLORER as Executive Officer; and to the GILBERT, HILGARD, and WAINWRIGHT, PIONEER, and the PARKER, BOWEN, and STIRNI as Commanding Officer. His other assignments included wire drag, combined operations, Division of Hydrography and Topography, geodesy, Chief of the West Coast Tides Party, Liaison Officer with the Armed Forces, Southwestern District Office, and the Los Angeles District Office.

He was awarded the Pacific War Zone Ribbon for the period March 1, 1942 to September 1, 1945. He was also awarded the Colbert Medal in 1960.

Captain Malnate is survived by his wife Margaret D., and two children, Robert F., and Barbara M. King.








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