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Henry Lindenkohl, a cartographer of the Coast and Geodetic Survey for 59 years, died February 19, 1920, at his home 1428 Crittenden Street, 81 years old. His record with the Survey is considered remarkable.

As cartographer, engraver, and lithographer his productive capacity has never been surpassed, nor even equaled, it is claimed, by any other map-producing establishment.

Mr. Lindenkohl was born at Hesse Cassell, Germany, on January 26, 1839, and was admitted to American citizenship in 1861. He was educated in Germany and subsequently at Rugby Academy, in this city.

His contributions to the military maps of the Union forces in the Civil War gained him early fame. He was an original member of the National Geographic Society, organized in 1888; a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and many other organizations.

During a greater part of his service with the Geodetic Survey he was closely associated with his brother, Adolph Lindenkohl, a scientist, who died in June 1904, after 50 years of notable service with the Survey.

Mr. Lindenkohl's usefulness continued up to the time of his brief illness, and the rapidity with which he worked, it is said, was remarkable. A kind and amiable disposition endeared him to his associates.

Mr. Lindenkohl is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Charles A. Howland, of Schenectady, New York; Miss Martha Lindenkohl and Miss Josephine Lindenkohl, of this city.

C&GS BULLETIN, No. 58, 3/31/1920





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