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Captain Ernest B. Lewey who retired in 1961, died in Bethesda, Maryland on April 9, 1975. He had resided in Kensington, Maryland since his retirement. Captain Lewey joined the Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1927 as a Deck Officer after having obtained his degree in civil engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He served on 10 ship assignments and several photogrammetric and geodetic field assignments throughout the United States; and along the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific coasts including Alaska and Hawaii. Captain Lewey served in the Photgrammetric Office in Tampa, Florida; was in charge of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Regional office in Atlanta; and served in Washington, D.C. as Assistant Chief and Chief of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Division of Charts. He was Assistant Director, Office of Cartography at the time of his retirement.

Captain Lewey served with the U.S. Army in the continental U.S., southwest Pacific, Philippines and Japan during the World War II period. He was awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in action in Manila Harbor, Philippine Islands while in charge of surveys to open this port for military operations under enemy fire.






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