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Commander Richard R. Lukens
retired from active duty on August 1, 1941, after 33 years of service with this Bureau. He is residing in Riverside, California.

His assignments have included details to the Hawaiian Islands, the Panama Canal Zone, and repeated tours of duty in Alaska, the Philippine Islands, and in Pacific coastal waters. In writing Commander Lukens under date of August 1, the Director stated:

"From personal knowledge I am familiar with your early duties on the old HYDROGRAPHER, EXPLORER, AND PATTERSON, as well as on the MATCHLESS and BACHE; of your survey of the mouth of the Kuskokwim when commanding the Steamer YUKON; of your early commands in the Philippine Islands, followed by years of command of ships on important isolated surveys and later of your successful career as a representative of the Director of the Bureau in San Francisco and Manila. Your service during the World War in the United States Navy as covered by your transfer under Executive order of September 24, 1917, reflected credit to this Bureau.

I know that you take great pride in the service which you have performed, and as Director of this Bureau, I wish to express my deep satisfaction in the accomplishment of this work, which has been constructive and of definite benefit to the commerce and defense of our country."

C&GS BULLETIN, 8/31/1941

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