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Junius T. Jarman entered the Coast Survey as a Junior Cartographic Engineer in July 1926junius jarman shortly after his graduation from the University of Mississippi. As Jerry became interested in the work of the Bureau he decided he would prefer field work and on April 23, 1930, he transferred to the position of deck officer. Since that time he has served in practically every type of operation in the Bureau attaining his present rank of Commander. During World War II he was transferred to the Navy for 3 years and was assigned to combat areas in the South Pacific on combined operations for which he earned the Bronze Star Medal.

Returning to the Survey after the war he conducted a combined operations party in Lake Roosevelt, Washington, where he did outstanding work in resolving problems brought about by the conduct of hydrographic surveys in fresh water. His next assignment was to the east unit of the 1951 Arctic field party where, in addition to execution of outstanding work in triangulation and hydrography under exceptionally difficult conditions, he twice moved his camp during hazardous Arctic winter conditions, once by boat (154 miles) while carrying on survey operations.

On January 23, 1953, he received his first Washington assignment since his transfer to field work in 1930, returning to become assistant to the chief, Chart Division. In this position his principal duties were those of "trouble shooter" which included staff study of the many operational problems of a large division.

Each new problem he attacked with vigor and understanding and secured the willing cooperation of the Branch chiefs in the solution of the problem.

As Emergency Plan Coordinator for the Chart Division he had a very important part in the three problems "High Point," "Hypo," and "Alert" in connection with civil defense preparations and his common sense and practical approach to these problems was most effective.

Jerry left Washington recently to report for his next assignment as Commanding Officer of the PATTON, which will be operating in Alaska again this season.

September 30, 1904 - March 6, 1989

Captain Junius T. Jarman was born September 30, 1904, in Cuba, Alabama. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1927 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.

Captain Jarman was appointed as a Deck Officer on April 23, 1930, and commissioned as Ensign on February 2, 1931.

During his 34-year career, Captain Jarman's assignments included the following ships: OCEANOGRAPHER, GILBERT, NATOMA, HYDROGRAPHER, DISCOVERER, PRATT, JONES as Executive Officer, PATHFINDER as Executive Officer and the PATTON as Commanding Officer. His other assignments included Geodesy as Chief of Party, Seattle Processing Office, Chart Division in Washington, D.C. and at the time of his retirement on October 1, 1964, as Associate Director, Cartography.

On March 2, 1942, Captain Jarman was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Navy Department. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal "for meritorious service as Officer in Charge of compilation and publication of field charts while serving on a hydrographic and survey vessel operating in the South Pacific area from January 1, 1943 to July 29, 1944." On December 9, 1946, he was authorized to wear the Combat "V" device on his Bronze Star Medal. He also received the Coast and Geodetic Survey's Certificate of Service for having honorably served as a commissioned officer of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey on projects for the Department of the Navy deemed to be in areas of immediate military hazard from December 7, 1941 to March 1, 1942.

Captain Jarman's wife, Helen, passed away on February 15, 1989.

Captain Jarman is survived by his son, Wayne.

?, 3/1956


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