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Mr. Hubbard was born in Alberta, Canada, and attended high school and college in Hebron, Nebraska. He began his Federal career shortly after he served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1944 and 1945. He was a unique civil servant in that he began his career as a Recorder with the Coast and Geodetic Survey on May 29, 1946, and served Coast and Geodetic Survey and its successor organizations until his retirement December 31, 1977. During that time, he distinguished himself by his record of unselfish and dedicated service in the field of Personnel Management, including serving as Personnel Officer for the Pacific Marine Center, Seattle, Washington.

His record is replete with examples of extremely competent performance, demonstrated by no fewer than 12 letters of commendation; he received several performance awards: the NOAA Elmer G. Neuman Award in 1976 for his expertise in labor relations and the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal in 1975. He was widely recognized and respected by those who worked for and with him. He had a penchant for inspirational leadership and the capacity to inspire loyalty and friendship.

Perhaps the most eloquent and sincere testimonial is contained in a 1973 memorandum from Admiral Norman E. Taylor who had an association with Hubb spanning 25 years: "I know of no individual who is more respected and sought after for solutions to our waterfront problems than yourself...Your expertise in this field (labor management relations) is second to none and has been regularly relied upon for management decisions. I have never known a Personnel Officer who was as respected, trusted, or as well liked as yourself. Your reputation is known and respected throughout the Agency."

He is survived by his wife, Edna, and one son, Duane.


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