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William Valley Hagar, junior hydrographic and geodetic engineer in the Coast and Geodetic Survey, died at Tarrytown, New York, March 24, 1921. He had been confined to his home on account of illness for several years.

Mr. Hagar was born March 25, 1888, at Weybridge, Vermont. He was educated at Middleburg College, Vermont, 1905 to 1909; George Washington University, Washington, D.C., October 1910 to May 1911, taking a course in mathematics, science, and civil engineering.

On February 16, 1912, he was appointed an assistant engineer in the United States and Canadian Boundary Service, having been previously employed in the Bureau of the Census from January 1, 1910 to January 10, 1912, and in the office of the Civil Service Commission from January 16 to February 15, 1912. On January 27, 1913, he was appointed an aid in the Coast and Geodetic Survey and was afterwards promoted to the position of junior hydrographic and geodetic engineer, which he held at the time of his death. Mr. Hagar, during his term of service in the Survey, was employed chiefly in hydrographic work on the Pacific Coast. He was an active and efficient officer and did valuable work in the survey.


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