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Commander Henry J. Healy retired from active duty April 30, 1954, from the Seattle, Washington office, after many years of faithful service in the Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Commander Healy received his education at North Dakota Agricultural College, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He entered on duty in the Coast and Geodetic Survey July 13, 1925, as Deck Officer and his first assignment was aboard the Ship HYDROGRAPHER working along the Florida Coast, following which he had a tour of duty in the Philippine Islands in various capacities aboard the Ships PATHFINDER, MARINDUQUE, and FATHOMER. On his return he served aboard the Ships PIONEER and GUIDE on the California and Washington Coasts, and was in charge of the OGDEN and MARINDIN engaged on hydrographic operations in the Chesapeake Bay. In Alaska he served aboard the old PATHFINDER and as Executive Officer of the Ship SURVEYOR. He was Commanding Officer of the Ship HODGSON engaged in hydrography on the Columbia River where he devised a new method of making bar checks, as considerable difficulty was experienced in obtaining acceptable results for fathometer corrections by using the standard bar-check equipment. His office assignments included duty in the Tides and Currents Division of the Washington Office and Supervisor of the Southern District in New Orleans, Louisiana. His last assignment was in temporary command of the Ship SURVEYOR.

Commander Henry J. Healy who retired in 1954, died in Seattle, Washington on January 26, 1975. He had resided in Seattle since his retirement. Commander Healy joined the Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1925 as a Deck Officer after having obtained his degree in civil engineering at North Dakota State University. He served most of his career in the field which included over 25 years of sea duty in the Philippines, Alaska, and the continental coasts. During this span of years.

Commander Healy served on 17 different vessels. He also served as Supervisor of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Southern District at New Orleans, 1949-1952. Commander Healy was recognized for his service during World War II on projects in hazardous areas as determined by the U.S Navy.

After retirement Commander Healy was engaged in private engineering and was employed as a facilities engineer. In 1966 he joined the faculty of the Shoreline Community College and subsequently founded their School of Oceanography.



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