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Captain Lyman Davis Graham, NOAA (retired) - September 8, 1890 - March 1, 1982. lyman grahamCaptain Graham, one of the original members of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Commissioned Service was born in Colebrook, New Hampshire. He attended Pennsylvania State College where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering on June 15, 1915.

He entered on duty with the Survey as a Deck Officer on June 15, 1915. His ship assignments ranged from serving aboard the BACHE as his first assignment, to serving on the RANGER, PATHFINDER, MARINDUQUE, LYDONIA, PIONEER, DISCOVERER, and OCEANOGRAPHER as Executive Officer; and aboard the WESTDAHL, MARINDUQUE, FATHOMER, MIKAWE, DISCOVERER, PRATT, GUIDE, and PIONEER as Commanding Officer. His other assignments included the Division of Hydrography and Topography; Junior Officer on wire drag party; chief of various field parties; Coast Pilot; Inspector at the New Orleans Field Station; and at the time of his retirement, Inspector at the San Francisco Field Station.

During World War I, Captain Graham served the U.S. Navy on the Atlantic Convoy. He served again with distinction with the U.S. Navy during World War II, in California and the South Pacific as head of seamanship. For this service he received a commendation by the Chief of Naval Personnel with strong recommendation for immediate promotion from Commander to Captain in 1945.

Captain Graham's wife, Anna L. passed away in 1965. He is survived by four children.


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