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Francis L. Gallen,Chief, Budget and Fiscal Services Division, retired from active duty in the francis gallenCoast and Geodetic Survey, U.S. Department of Commerce, on July 1, 1955, after serving with the Bureau for a period of nearly 38 years.

Captain Gallen was born June 19, 1985, in Somerville, Massachusetts. He received his education at Tufts College, graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Science in engineering. On August 14, 1917, he entered on duty in the Coast and Geodetic Survey and has advanced successively through the various ranks to his present position.

His first assignment was sea duty aboard the Schooner MATCHLESS as Junior Officer engaged on hydrographic surveys along the North Carolina Coast, following which he served as Junior and Executive Officer on wire-drag parties operating in New England waters. His later sea duties were aboard various ships of the Bureau engaged on hydrographic surveys of the Philippine and Hawaiian Islands, in Alaska, and along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coasts of the United States. He also served as chief of geodetic field parties in various states throughout the country.

From 1926 to 1927, he served as Supervisor of the Bureau's Southern District in New Orleans, and from 1941 to 1942, as Supervisor of the Northeastern District in Boston. His last field assignment prior to duty in the Washington Office was in 1946 as Commanding Officer of the Ship EXPLORER engaged on combined operations in Alaska.

As Chief of the Budget and Fiscal Services Division, Captain Galled has held the primary responsibility for providing a budgetary and fiscal program for the Washington office and field service of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. He has also been responsible for the administrative examination and certification for payment of all vouchers for the Bureau; approval of all expenditures; administration of travel and transportation for all Bureau personnel; preparation, maintenance, and control of office and field payrolls, leave, and retirement; and administration of the commissioned personnel program for active and retired officers. He has also held the designation of Accounting Officer for the Bureau.

In 1953 Captain Gallen received a commendation from the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for his outstanding service and participation in per diem, travel, and transportation allowance committee activities. During the period of this assignment, Captain Gallen visited various countries in Europe, Africa, and the Orient. Among the organizations in which he holds membership are the Society of American Military Engineers, Washington Society of Engineers, Federal Business Men's Association, and Knights of Columbus.

Captain and Mrs. Gallen reside at 1901 North Nottingham Street, Arlington, Virginia. Their three children are John and Lawrence, of the Arlington address, and Mary Gallen Kearns, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Captain Gallen parents were natives of County Caven, Ireland, a place he hopes to visit during his retirement. Although he has traveled extensively throughout Europe, his official duties have never required a visit to Ireland.

The Buzzard, 6/30/1955

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