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Stehman Forney, an officer of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey since 1865, and a veteran of the Civil War, died in New York City on August 8, in the 71st year of his age. Mr. Forney was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on April 22, 1846, and was educated at Lebanon, West Chester, and Lititz Academies, in Pennsylvania. He entered the Coast Survey as aid January 1, 1865; was promoted to subassistant July 1, 1868, and was appointed an assistant April 1, 1871.

Mr. Forney enlisted as a Private in the 127th Pennsylvania Volunteers in 1863, and was twice wounded during the war. He was taken prisoner by the Confederates at the Battle of Gettysburg. After entering the Coast Survey, in January 1865, he was attached to the party of Charles O. Bontelle, United States Coast Survey, commanding the Steamer BIBB, then serving under the orders of Admiral Dahlgren, United States Navy, on the coast of South Carolina, and he continued on this duty until June 30, 1865. Mr. Forney's service in the Coast and Geodetic Survey was of a varied nature.

He served with Professor George Davidson in Alaska when that Territory was transferred to the United States by Russia in 1867. He served on both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts and in Puerto Rico in charge of parties engaged in triangulations, topographic and hydrographic work. The last field work upon which he was engaged was a revision of the surveys in the vicinity of Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. For a time he was in charge of the Engraving Division of the Coast and Geodetic Survey office.

Mr. Forney was an excellent topographer, and incidentally rendered valuable service in training the young officers assigned to work under his direction. He had been in bad health for more than a year. A wife and one daughter survive him.

C&GS Bulletin, 8/19/1916

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