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Henry E. Finnegan, 69, passed away on July 30, 1968, in Dorset, Vermont. He retired December 1, 1958, after more than 35 years active service with the Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Captain Finnegan joined the Survey as a deck officer after graduating from Clarkson College of Technology in 1921. He served for over 14 years aboard seven different ships and commanded the LESTER JONES and the PIONEER. He was Chief of the Nautical Chart Branch during most of World War II, and Chief of the Division of Tides and Currents from 1950 through 1956. He was coauthor of Special Publication 162--Tides and Currents in Chesapeake Bay and Tributaries. Captain Finnegan was New York District Officer in 1957-1958. He was buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Dorset, Vermont.

Survivors include Mrs. Finnegan; two sons, John L. and Thomas W., and a daughter, Margaret E.

ESSA Corps Bulletin, 8/1/1968

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