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Raymond P. Eyman, former Chief of the Division of Coastal Surveys, retires on May 1, 1947, after more than 32 years with the Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Commander Eyman was born in Columbus, Ohio, and received his education at the elementary and high schools of that place, and graduated from Ohio State University with the degree of Civil Engineer in June 1914. He is a member of Sigma XI, Society of American Military Engineers, and the Army and Navy Club of Manila.

On June 22, 1914, Commander Eyman entered on duty with this Bureau and his first assignment was in Portland, Maine, on wire drag surveys. He has been engaged on many types of surveying activities not only in the coastal waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but in such distant areas as the Philippine Islands and Alaska. In connection with his duties in the Philippines aboard the Ships FATHOMER and MARINDUQUE he prepared an article on one of his experiences for the Naval Institute Proceedings, entitled "Riding Out a Philippine Typhoon." He received special commendation in connection with his experience during the hurricane of 1938 while in command of the Ship LYDONIA located at New London, Connecticut for his seamanship and alertness which spared this ship the disaster which overtook so many other craft in the stricken area.

Commander Eyman served throughout 1930 as Supervisor, Northwestern District, at Seattle, Washington. He has been on duty at the Washington Office since January 1940, and served as Chief of Hydrography Section from March 1940 to March 1941, Assistant Chief of the Division of Coastal Surveys from April 1941 to September 1945, and Chief of the Division from October 1945 to December 1946. Upon retirement, Commander Eyman will become a member of the faculty of George Washington University.

The Buzzard, No. 17, 5/1/1947

Commander Raymond P. Eyman who retired in 1947, died in Washington, D.C. area on February 2, 1975. He had resided in Washington, D.C. since his retirement. Commander Eyman joined the Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1914 as a Deck Officer, serving as an aid and Junior Hydrographic and Geodetic Engineer until designated a Lieutenant, junior grade in 1920. He was a graduate in civil engineering from Ohio State University. He served nearly all of his career through 1939 in field on ships or sea-related duty including duty in Alaska, the Philippines, and the continental coasts. Commander Eyman served in the Washington office from 1940, and was a licensed marine master, any tonnage.

Following retirement, Commander Eyman became a professor of civil engineering at George Washington University, teaching there for approximately 10 years. He then taught at Catholic University for over another 10 years span, finally retiring from his teaching career in 1968.

NOAA Corps Bulletin, 2/1/1975


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