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Carl A. Egner, who retired in 1947 after 33 years' service with the Coast and Geodetic Survey, died on May 4, 1969. Commander Egner joined the Survey in 1914 soon after he was graduated from Purdue University, and was one of the original group of 119 Coast and Geodetic Survey officers commissioned in 1917. He served aboard a number of Survey ships on both coasts, in Alaska and the Philippines. He was in command of the Ship RESEARCH in the Philippines at the time the Japanese attacked, and was interned by them in Santo Tomas from January 1942 until March 1945.

Commander Egner was also assigned to several different field parties prior to World War II, and was in charge of the New York Field Station in 1936-1938. Following his return to the United States after being released from Santo Tomas, he was in charge of first-order triangulation parties. He has been an Associate Professor of Geodesy and Photogrammetry at Purdue University since 1947.

ESSA Corps Bulletin, 6/1/1969

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