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Philip C. Doran, Chief, Geodesy Division, retired from active duty of January 31, 1956, after philip dorannearly 33 years of service in the Coast and Geodetic Survey. Captain Doran was born on December 30, 1901, in Meriden, Connecticut. Following his graduation from Yale University, with the degree of Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, in June 1923, he entered on duty in the Coast and Geodetic Survey on August 1, 1923. His first assignment was with a traverse party in northern Minnesota. After serving 2 years with triangulation parties he was assigned as Officer-in-Charge of a party working the 49th parallel.

Thirteen years of his long career were spent aboard the Ships MARINDUQUE (Executive Officer in 1928), EXPLORER, DISCOVERER, and SURVEYOR engaged on hydrographic surveying operations in the Philippine Islands, Alaska, and along the Gulf Coast. In 1941, Captain Doran was assigned to the Seattle Processing Office as Officer in Charge, and in March 1942 during World War II he was transferred by Executive Order to the U.S. Army Air Force where he served for 5 years in Labrador, South America, and China. For his outstanding service with the Air Force he was awarded the LEGION OF MERIT.

His other assignments in the Bureau included Chief of a leveling party in Missouri; combined operations in Long Island Sound; liaison duty with the Inter-American Geodetic Survey in South America, and triangulation and trilateration in Alaska. On November 1, 1952, Captain Doran was assigned to the Washington Office as Assistant Chief, Geodesy Division and subsequently was appointed Chief of Geodesy Division, the position he held at the time of his retirement.

Captain Doran is a member of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, American Geophysical Union, Society of American Military Engineers, and Naval Institute. He has presented a number of papers on geodetic work before various scientific organizations. Captain Doran is leaving for Australia, where he will be engaged for 2 years on a triangulation project for a private firm. Since there is no datum in the area where he will be working, he plans to establish his own datum. Mrs. Doran and their children Carter and Karen will join Captain Doran at a later date.

The Buzzard, 2/9/1956

Captain Philip C, Doran died of a heart attack on June 4, 1969, in Seattle Washington. Captain Doran, who was 67, retired in 1956 after serving with the Coast and Geodetic Survey for nearly 33 years. He was born in Connecticut and entered on duty with the Survey upon being graduated from Yale University in 1923.

His early assignments were with geodetic field parties, and he was chief of the geodesy division when he retired. He served on several Coast and Geodetic Survey ships over a period of 13 years in the Philippines, along the Gulf Coast and in Alaskan waters.

Captain Doran was transferred to the Army Air Force in March of 1942 and saw service in Labrador, South America, and China before he returned to the Coast and Geodetic Survey. He was awarded the Legion of Merit for outstanding service.

Assignments after returning to the Survey included liaison duty with the Inter American Geodetic Survey in South America. Captain Doran became assistant chief of the geodesy division in 1952, and later chief of that division. After retiring, he worked in Australia, New York, and Libya for a private firm, then helped establish the Department of Geodesy in North Carolina. He also served in South Korea as an advisor in their hydrographic office and was involved in a mapping project in Thailand for a short time. He and Mrs. Doran then moved to Seattle. Survivors include Mrs. Doran and a son and daughter.

ESSA Corps Bulletin, 7/1/1969

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