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Harrover Davis, an engraver in the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, 80 years old, will retire on July 15, 1922, after 63 years of service. Mr. Davis entered the Coast Survey at 17 years of age; studied engraving for 2 years without pay, and was then given $15 a month. With a determination to equal in skill the expert engravers with whom he was associated, he faithfully practiced on his "pot hooks and hangers" and the lettering and symbols, cleaned plates, and did the other work allotted to the young engravers until he finished his 4 years of training. Since then, with the exception of a few months during the Civil War when he was connected with a war photographic party, Mr. Davis has been engaged continuously at chart engraving in the bureau. He advanced in his art until he was employed in engraving some of the finest charts of the survey.

His specialty is lettering and sand stipple, but he has also to his credit some good specimens of topographic engraving.

C&GS Bulletin, 7/1922

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