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Edward B. Brown, Coast and Geodetic Survey mid-continent Field Director at Kansas City sinceedward brown 1965, retired after serving for more than 39 years. A native of South Carolina, he joined the Coast and Geodetic Survey as a deck officer in 1929 soon after his graduation from the Citadel and was on several different ships and shore parties until he was transferred to the Army in 1945. After service with the artillery in Europe he returned to the Coast and Geodetic Survey in 1946 and was assigned to geodetic field parties for several years.

Captain Brown attended the Armed Forces Staff College in 1949, and in 1950-1952 was in Panama and Latin America with the Inter-American Geodetic Survey. He commanded the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship PIONEER in 1964 on the International Indian Ocean Expedition and in 1965 prior to going to Kansas City. He had previously commanded the Ships WAINWRIGHT-HILGARD, JONES, and EXPLORER. He received the Commerce Department's Exceptional Service Award in 1964.

Captain Brown is a member of numerous professional and scientific organizations and is a registered civil engineer in California.

ESSA Corps Bulletin, 12/2/1968

Captain Edward Bunyan Brown who retired in 1968, died in Kansas City, Kansas area on April 5, 1977. He resided in Shawnee Mission and Prairie Village,Kansas since 1965.

Captain Brown joined the Coast and Geodetic Survey as a Deck Officer in 1929 after having obtained his degree in Civil Engineering at the CITADEL. His widely diversified 39-year career with the Coast and Geodetic Survey and ESSA included duty aboard 10 survey ships, during which time he served as Commanding Officer of the Ships WAINWRIGHT, HILGARD, LESTER JONES, EXPLORER, and PIONEER. During his command of the PIONEER he took the ship on the 1964 International Indian Ocean Expedition, and for this outstanding service was awarded the Commerce Department's Gold Medal Exceptional Service Award. His career had included various field party assignments which took him to nearly every section of the United States. During World War II he served on duty with the U.S. Army in the European Theater of Operation. He has graduated from the Armed Forces Staff College, served as Technical Consultant with the Inter-American Geodetic Survey and was Los Angeles District officer. He was serving as Kansas City Regional Officer, at the time of his retirement.

NOAA Corps Bulletin, 5/1/1977

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