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Charles Harrod Boyd, formerly for 40 years an officer of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, died on February 9, at his home in Portland, Maine, in the eighty-sixth year of his age. He was born in Portland, July 4, 1833. Graduated from Brown University with the degree of Ph.D. in 1854. He entered the Survey as an aide, October 1, 1855; was made a sub-assistant June 1, 1863, and an assistant July 1, 1869.

At the beginning of the Civil War he served with the Port Royal expedition under Commodore Dupont in 1861 and from December 1862, under General Barnard on the fortifications near Washington, and afterwards served under other assignments with the Army. At the close of the war he was serving as topographical engineer with relative rank of major. He retired from the Survey August 18, 1894, and afterwards served as engineer of the Chickamauga Battleground Park.

C&GS Bulletin, 2/1919

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