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Captain John C. Bose, Los Angeles District Officer, retired on March 1, 1956 from active duty after more than 32 years of loyal and devoted service in the Coast and Geodetic Survey. He was born on June 3, 1902, in Durango, Mexico. He received his education at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas and was graduated in June 1923 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

On August 18, 1923 he entered on duty in the Coast and Geodetic Survey as Deck Officer. He has progressed successively through the various grades to his present rank. His first assignment was on a gravity party in east Texas, followed by first-order leveling in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and reconnaissance in the Aleutian Islands.

From November 1925 to January 1944 he was at sea aboard the Ships SURVEYOR, DISCOVERER, WESTDAHL, and PATTON engaged on hydrographic surveys along the Pacific Coast and in Alaska; aboard the NATOMA in the Canal Zone; FATHOMER in the Philippine Islands; and the WELKER, OCEANOGRAPHER, and LYDONIA operations along the Atlantic Coast. For 3 months in 1940 he was Inspector of Construction of the new Ship EXPLORER. He was assigned to special duty with the Inter-American Geodetic Survey in the Canal Zone, Guatemala, and Colombia from September to November 1927. From January to March 1944 he was the Bureau's representative on the Program of Cooperation with the American Republics in Venezuela, and from February 1948 to June 1951 he was Collaborating Geodesist with the Inter-American Geodetic Survey in South America, Central America, and Caribbean Islands.

CAPT Bose's office assignments included duty in the Tides and Currents Division, Washington Office, Officer in Charge of the Tampa Photogrammetric Office from August 1946 to September 1947, and from February 1, 1954, to the date of his retirement, he has been the Los Angeles District Officer at Los Angeles, California.

Upon his retirement Captain Bose accepted a position with the Santa Monica Junior College as Instructor in the Engineering Department.

CAPT and Mrs. Bose reside at 238-17th Street, Santa Monica, California. Their two children are Susan Caroline, who is attending college, and John Christie, now attending Junior High School.

The Buzzard, 3/8/1956

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