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Lieutenant Commander George L. Bean, Retired, died at noon April 11, 1955, in Trinitygeorge l. bean Hospital, Weaverville, California, following a long illness. Funeral services were held Wednesday, April 13, at 2:00 p.m., at the McDonald Funeral Home in Weaverville. Born April 14, 1895 in Bethlehem, New Hampshire; he received his education in the public schools at Littleton, New Hampshire, graduating from the Littleton High School, and from the University of Vermont, in 1916, with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. On January 3, 1917, he entered on duty in the Coast and Geodetic Survey as a Deck Officer and on September 30, 1943, retired from active duty because of physical disability.

During Commander Bean's long career of nearly 26 years of service he had a tour of duty in the Philippine Islands aboard the Ships FATHOMER and MARINDUQUE; was Officer in Charge of Launch 65 engaged on combined operations in Scituate, Massachusetts, and Fire Island, N.Y.; Commanding Officer of the MIKAWE on combined operations in Brunswick, Georgia; Commanding Officer of the Ship GUIDE; and Executive Officer of the Ship DISCOVERER on combined operations in Alaska. While on shore duty he was Chief of Triangulation parties working in Oregon and California and Chief of a Traverse Party in Wisconsin. His office assignments included duty in Geodesy Division, Northwestern District Office, and Officer in Charge of the Seattle Processing Office. From September 1917 to January 1919--during World War I--CDR Bean was on active duty in the U.S. Navy at the Bremerton Navy Yard, and as Second Officer aboard the USS NORTHERN PACIFIC, USS SAMARINDA, USS TJIKENBANG and JULIA LUCKENBACH on the Pacific Coast, Second Officer of the WENONAH in Southeast Alaska, and of the SIALIA on the Atlantic coast. During World War II CDR Bean was also on active duty in the United States Navy from February 24, 1942 to February 22, 1943, aboard the USS CHARLESTON as Lieutenant Commander, and as Harbormaster at Dutch Harbor, Alaska.Commander Bean is survived by his wife who is living in Weaverville, California.

The Buzzard,4/22/1955

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