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Stories and tales of the coast and geodetic survey
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The Coast and Geodetic Survey began serving the Nation in the early 1800's. Since that time, Coast Surveyors and their descendants have charted our coastline; conducted geodetic surveys throughout the United States, its territories, and many parts of the World; served in the major wars of the United States; surveyed the pioneer coasts of the Pacific beginning in 1849 and continuing through the Alaska surveys of today; surveyed the Philippine Islands following the Spanish-American War; and conducted oceanographic observations throughout the oceans of the Earth. These are some stories recounting this work.

alaska stories and tales
picture of robert earle
Alaska Stories and Tales
Share adventures with the Coast and Geodetic Survey as they trek from Southeast Alaska, through the Aleutians to the Bering Sea, and up to the North Slope and the Cold War surveys of Alaska’s North Slope.
ocean tales
picture of Professor Louis Agassiz
Ocean Tales
The Coast Survey and its descendant agencies have been pioneers in studying the wonders of the sea. Join them on a journey of discovery. Be prepared for a few rocky days though as the sea is not always beauty and serenity.

personal tales
picture of william scaife
Personal Tales
Many a Coast Surveyor led a life that would have been the grist of a Jack London tale. Share some of the adventures, philosophizing, and observations of the surveyors who helped measure our continent and chart our coastlines.

philippine tales
Philippine Tales
Come share this grandest of adventures with the Coast & Geodetic Survey as they tackle seemingly impassible jungles to survey the Philippine Islands.

technology tales
drawing of lituya bay area
Technology Tales
Eerie tales and tales of wonder. Sometimes the story is in the technology itself.
western tales
picture of james lawson
Western Tales
Join the Coast Surveyors on their frontier trek of the outer coast - the rocky western coast of ferocious storms, wild mountains tumbling down to the sea, and the occasional encounter with native Americans.

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