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Profiles in Time c and gs biographies

Coast and Geodetic Survey Profiles in Time includes over 200 biographies of individuals who served in various capacities in the Coast Survey and the Coast and Geodetic Survey. These biographies were found in various official and unofficial publications including the Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the Bulletin of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, The Buzzard, the NOAA Corps Bulletin, etc. These articles were written to announce retirements and awards, or as obituaries.
A - B
C - F
G - K
L - P
R - Y


brown dot Captain Francis L. Gallen
brown dot Henry Ginder
brown dot Captain Robert Anthony Ganse
brown dot Franklin R. Gossett
brown dot Captain Clement L. Garner brown dot Captain Lyman Davis Graham
brown dot Frank Gehring brown dot Frank De Wolf Granger
brown dot Lieutenant Commander Alfred L. Giacomini brown dot Herbert Cornelius Graves
brown dot Rear Admiral William M. Gibson brown dot Captain Samuel Barker Grenell
brown dot Captain John Jacob Gilbert brown dot James M. Griffin
brown dot Samuel A. Gilbert  


brown dot William Valley Hagar
brown dot Captain Nicholas H. Heck
brown dot William W. Harding
brown dot Captain Henry W. Hemple
brown dot Francis H. Hardy brown dot Wallace Morrell Hill
brown dot Rollin A. Harris brown dot William Candler Hodgkins
brown dot George Hartnell brown dot Carey V. Hodgson
brown dot Rear Admiral Jean Hodgkins Hawley brown dot Captain Albert J. Hoskinson
brown dot Dr. John Fillmore Hayford brown dot Freel "Hubb" Hubbard
brown dot Commander Henry J. Healy brown dot Captain Leonard S. Hubbard
brown dot Captain Earl O. Heaton brown dot Odell Hudgins
brown dot Commander Maurice A. Hecht brown dot Lewis J. Huested
    brown dot George. W. Hutchison


brown dot John Janke brown dot Captain Emerson Elton Jones
brown dot Junius T. Jarman
brown dot Colonel E. Lester Jones
brown dot Captain Karl Border Jeffers brown dot Commander Edmund L. Jones
brown dot Captain Frank Gerard Johnson brown dot Lieutenant Commander George Clay Jones
brown dot Commander Leonard C. Johnson brown dot Lieutenant (JR. GR.) James "NUTTY" N. Jones
brown dot Calvin W. Jones    


brown dot Rear Admiral H. Arnold Karo brown dot John Knight
brown dot Douglas Karr
brown dot John C. Kondrup
brown dot Lewis Peter Keyser brown dot Dr. Duffield R. Kruger
brown dot Captain Emil Herman Kirsch brown dot Fred R. Kummel
brown dot Admiral Robert W. Knox    
brown dot Commander Dorland H. Konichek    
brown dot Capt. Henry M. Knight    

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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