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Reputations and accomplishments of organizations are built on thesurveyor backs of individuals. An organization is the sum total of the values, qualities, and spiritual and physical strength of the individuals comprising its many elements. Hardware helps, but the real backbone of any organization is its personnel.

NOAA today is the result of those who passed before. As such, Profiles in Time is a collection of biographical sketches of scientists, meteorologists, engineers, laborers, geophysicists, observers, cartographers, secretaries, mathematicians, instrument- makers, sailors, pilots, truck-drivers, mechanics, carpenters, and all of the other individuals and occupations that comprised the Coast Survey and Weather Bureau in their various names and organizational structures.

This small assemblage of names and lives is but a sampler of the thousands of dedicated individuals who have served in these organizations since its inception. However, in perusing their adventures and accomplishments, perhaps the reader will come to understand that organizations such as NOAA have a spiritual heritage that inspires those who continue traveling along the path of those who went before.

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Giants of Science - individuals that made great contributions either through their scientific accomplishments or through their ability as science administrators.

banner -  weather service biographies
picture of weather bureau employees

Weather Service Biographies - includes nearly 500 biographies of individuals who served in various capacities in the Army Signal Service and United States Weather Bureau.

banner - coast and geodetic survey biographies
picture of benjamin colonna
Coast & Geodetic Survey Biographies - includes over 200 biographies of individuals who served in various capacities in the Coast Survey and the Coast and Geodetic Survey.

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