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What do poetry, engineers, and scientists have in common? The NOAA Poetry Corner, home of weather poems, survey poems, and ocean poems written by the men and women who served in NOAA or its ancestor agencies. Over the years,one-time poets or sometimes long-time poets wrote about their observations of the work, their fellow-workers, the tools they used, their feelings about the work, and the phenomena they measured and observed. Some of the poets made great prophets: for instance George Mindling's "Raymete and the Future", written in 1939 predicts many of the tools, including satellites, of modern meteorology. "De-commissioning" by Dr. Harris B. Stewart tells the tale of a noble vessel being put to rest and his love for that ship and the work it accomplished. Other poems have an innate beauty; some are rather horrendous doggerel; others evoke a mood recognized by those who have had similar experiences. All these poems help tell the story of the people and the ancestor agencies of NOAA, showing a love for the work and a love for the environment in which the men and women of NOAA's ancestor agencies worked....
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Coast Surveyor Poetry
Share the adventure with the wanderers of the Coast Survey!
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Weather Poetry
Poems about the weather from the men and women who worked in the Weather Service and a few classics as well.

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