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clarence e. pete pedersen  - present day pictureIn 1934, Clarence E. "Pete" Pedersen joined the Geodetic Mountain Triangulation Party which was operating in California and was led by Lieutenant Charles Pierce. The party was doing 1st Order Triangulation in the Southwestern states and Oregon. Pete performed duties as a lightkeeper, truck driver, recorder and was breaking in as an instrument observer when the lack of funding ended the project in Oregon.

In the spring of 1936, Pete joined the Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship WESTDAHL which was under assignment to accomplish hydrographic and triangulation surveys in Alaska. During the winter months, surveying projects were accomplished in Puget Sound, Washington. During the Second World War years, Pete saw the Coast and Geodetic Survey vessels armed, and he was engaged in work in Southeast Alaska and along the Alaska Peninsula. The work was principally performed for the U.S. Navy.

Over the years, Pete advanced through the rates of Seaman, Quartermaster, Bos'n Mate and Chief Bos'n. After 11 years before the mast, marriage deemed it fitting that Pete cease his wanderings. He transferred to the Coast and Geodetic Survey's Cartographic Office in Seattle, Washington. The office compiled hydrographic survey records into "Smooth Sheets" which were the final engineering manuscripts from which nautical charts were made in the Washington, D.C., office.

In 1957, Pete took charge of the Coast and Geodetic Survey's Seattle Ship Base in Lake Union.  During this time, Pete pursued the acquisition of the now famous Pacific Marine Center Totem Pole which was dedicated in 1962. Pete served under many Seattle District Office Captains until he was appointed in 1962 as the Inspector of Construction for the new Pacific Marine Center. Pete was instrumental in helping design the new center and oversaw the move of all the vessels and equipment when the facility was completed.

After 39 years of dedicated service, C. E. "Pete" Pedersen retired in 1973. Thanks to Pete's initiative and persistence, Coast and Geodetic Survey personnel were finally recognized for their World War II service by the Department of Defense and were accorded Veterans status in 1991. Pete often remarks that he is only remembered  for his cartoons, and not his service to the Coast and Geodetic Survey. The "Old Timers" know better. Please now enjoy Pete's great artwork depicting times and places in his career with the Survey.

cartoon of man
cartoon of man
cartoon of men hanging on cliff
cartoon of men
cartoon of a bear
cartoon of men
cartoon of man sleeping
cartoon of surveyor
cartoon of man
cartoon of  group of  survey officers
christmas greetings
cartoon of man
cartoon of man
cartoon of 2 men
cartoon of man with mop cartoon of man with mop      


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