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The art of the Coast Surveyors, Fisheries scientists, and weathermen reflects the life they lived and their work. For the Coast Surveyors their art encompassed views of the headlands and coast, views of mountain vistas, camp-life scenes, and the ships of the Survey. For the weathermen, glorious clouds and terrifying scenes of nature on a rampage. For the fishermen, wonderful sketches of the fish, turtles, and marine mammals they studied, the lives of the fishermen they worked with, and scenes on the research vessels on which they learned the secrets of the sea. And whether fisherman, Coast Surveyor, or weatherman, there was always a talented person or two who would turn their skills to the art of the cartoon. Pete Pedersen of the old Survey shares some of his work here. Check out these small sampler galleries of art work from the various ancestor agencies of NOAA and then go on to "More Art Links" to view some of the wonderful images residing in NOAA collections.
drawing of malcom baldridge

Coast and Geodetic Survey Art
The art of the Coast Surveyors reflected their work and their lives.

drawing of a fisherman
Fisheries Art
Works of art from atlases of illustrations showing scenes of American fisheries of the 1880s.
illustration of a hurricane

Weather Art
The sky in its many moods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms at sea have inspired artists since time immemorial.

cartoon of men on island
The Art of Clarence "Pete" Pedersen
Dedicated Coast Surveyor and gifted cartoonist.
collage with ship and tuna
Contemporary NOAA Art
NOAA Posters, publication covers, web graphics.
drawing of merman
More Art Links ...
More art collections from around NOAA.

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