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We’re going North to Alaska, north to the wild rivers and ice-bound valleys, north to the land of fumaroles and smoking volcanoes, and north to the land of ice-covered ocean, walrus, seal, and polar bear. The Coast and Geodetic Survey was the pioneer federal agency in Alaska. George Davidson of the Coast Survey accompanied the Revenue Cutter LINCOLN in its inspection of Russian Alaska in 1867 prior to the purchase of Seward’s Icebox. His report helped influence the Government to buy Alaska, the second best real estate deal of all time. Since then, Coast Surveyors have charted its coasts, surveyed its interior, and worked on its far northern fringes. Put on your parkas, spray on the mosquito repellent, and share some of the adventures while the Coast and Geodetic Survey ranges from Southeast Alaska, through the Aleutians to the Bering Sea, and up to the North Slope and the Cold War surveys of the DEW Line.

picture of robert earle
Arctic Field Party Work
Captain Robert Earle shares his impressions of surveying in the Arctic and on the Beufort Sea.

picture of horses and man in aleutians

The Bering Sea Survey
Account of the 1939 survey in the Bering Sea by the complement of the Coast & Geodetic Survey ship PIONEER.

picture of alaskan shore line at cook inlet
Reminiscences of Alaska by Captain Thomas J. Maher, C&GS
This account is a chapter in Captain Maher's autobiography, Around the World in Forty Years.
cartoon picture of a bear

Topography in Glacier Bay
Extract from 1938 Season's Report of H. Arnold Karo.

drawing of lituya bay area
Lituya Bay, Gulf of Alaska
Description and history of the area by E. W. Eickelberg, Hydrographic and Geodetic Engineer with the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
picture of sunset
Reminiscences of Four Years in Arctic Alaska
Experiences encountered by Roy M. Sylar while conducting surveys for charting the Alaska coast.
picture of taku glacier

The Resurvey of Taku Inlet

Account of the survey work of the Taku Inlet during 1937.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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