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Ships, nets, gaff hooks, long-lines, fish traps and dredges -- all the paraphernalia of commercial fishermen have always been part of the tools of the fisheries' scientists. But researchers need more than just the means of catching fish - water-bottles and CTD's, sonars, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, microscopes, spectrometers, and a host of other modern equipment make up the tools of modern fisheries' scientists. Learn how fisheries science has been done in the past and how it has evolved to the present day….
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Historical Development of Fisheries Science and Management
Taken from a lecture given at the Fisheries Centennial Celebration (1985) by William F. Royce
(NE Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole)
illustration of a seal

History of Marine Mammal Research in the Northeast USA

Excerpts from Waring et al. (1994) and Quintal and Smith (1999), two documents that outline marine mammal studies supported by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center from 1980 to 1995.
(NE Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole)

picture of cod
Brief History of the Groundfishing Industry of New England
Article describing the rich history of Ground Fishing. Groundfishing, the catching of fishes that swim in close proximity to the bottom, was the first colonial industry in America.
(NE Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole)


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