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At the beginning of the American Civil War, it was suggested to terminate the operations of the Coast Survey. Instead, Alexander Dallas Bache turned the Coast Survey into one of the great instruments of the Union Army and Navy sending Coast Surveyors to the staffs of most major commands for field mapping, scouting, and hydrographic surveys. Bache also sat on the Blockade Board and helped formulate the Union strategy of blockading and strangling the South. Coast Surveyors were in the field at the Gates of Richmond on the Peninsula Campaign with McClelland, at Port Royal with Du Pont and Dahlgren on the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, at Farragut’s passage of the forts on the way to New Orleans, with Burnside and Franklin at Fredericksburg, charting the Potomac during the Confederate Potomac Blockade, at Vicksburg with Porter, Sherman, and Grant, at Chattanooga with Smith and Grant, with Franklin and Porter on the Red River, in the trenches at Petersburg, and with Sherman pursuing the remnants of the Confederate Army through Georgia and the Carolinas. Join the Coast Surveyors as they march with the Union Armies and sail with the Union Navy in major campaigns often in advance of the infantry and men-of-war….
canons at antietam, maryland ... photo by J.Ward

picture of man on mountain peak

Civil War Record of J.W. Donn

Join John W.Donn as he and fellow Coast Surveyor Frederic W. Dorr conduct mapping and reconnaissance for the Union forces.
samuel gilbert
War Record of Samuel A. Gilbert, Assistant U.S. Coast Survey, Brevet Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers
Personal account of Gilbert's involvement in the U.S Civil War.
fish hawk
Robert Platt
Excerpt from Senate Report No. 1114 of the 54th Congress, 1st Session of the United States Senate which details the unique case of Robert Platt - master mariner, Civil War hero, recipient of battle-field commission, Coast Surveyor, and Fisheries research vessel captain.

Publication of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA Central Library.

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